Beatriz Rodriguez


“At the beginning of our coaching I thought the sessions were too “out there” and not realistic, but now I have discovered that they are not. Now I know “IT” can happen! Taking a true look at yourself is intimidating but Chloé helps you through it with her own examples and the results speak for themselves. I was content with my accomplishment and didn’t see the need to change. My, was I wrong! I didn’t know what I was missing. Today I am the best ME that I can be!”

~Beatriz Rodrigues, from Regional Director to 

Chief Diversity Officer, The Home Depot


Donna C. Lawrence

"After completing the PEP assessment and going through my Definitive Debrief with Chloé, I was on my way like never before. Chloé is a delight to work with, she is very Insightful, sincerely friendly, and listens. Her coaching techniques and processes helped me to know who I am and to really soar, working from my Inside out, down to my soul. Chloé saw my potential and helped me see it and take action too... not just hope or wish."

~Donna C. Lawrence

Creator of Painting It Pink


The Cushmans


"Anytime you can have a deeper understanding of your thoughts and behaviors as a couple and able to learn new ways to support, appreciate and love one another you should invest the time to do that. For us it’s about our personal value of self, our leadership capability and our personal relationship-ability. There is no person in your life to raise your game for than your spouse. Chloé provided a masterful debrief with us and helped us see our strengths and weaknesses and how we can grow together and support each other in moving to the next level of our lives.”

~The Cushman’s



Donnella Cranford

"Working with Chloé and using her strategies has been a life changing experience. Her personal touch, professionalism, and insight/discernment in debriefing the personal excellence profile assessment with me has assisted in heightening my self-awareness in numerous areas, which has enhanced my ability to get more in touch with my total self as I walk in the fullness of my purpose.”

~Minister Donnella Cranford, 

Founder, Women After God’s Own Heart Ministry, Inc., 

Author and Inspirational Speaker 



"Thank you for your part in my journey. Your feedback, guidance and mentorship is incredible and for this I am eternally grateful... You inspire me to be great. With all the love and light, I thank you."


Founder of Zinhle of Johannesburg, South Africa.


Lyn Ross

"You are the most awesome coach in the world!! I'm proud of you and happy for you!! You are changing the world!"

~Lyn Ross

The Boss, Creator and Founder, 

Institut' DERMed Medical Spa


Ann-Marie Campbell

“Oh! You’re good for me, Chloé! 

You’re good for me.”

~Ann-Marie Campbell, 

Executive Vice President – U.S. Stores, 

The Home Depot


Chloé Taylor Brown