Take this whole-life assessment and see how you are measuring up"right now" in each of your twelve abilities. Discover how to use your personal excellence to focus your attention in getting what you want and accomplishing your goals. Take the PEP and learn how to: 

  • Be in alignment. 
  • Tap into your power consistently.
  • Use your power more effectively by directing it into your goals and objectives. 

 "Personal Excellence is about greatness and being your best. It's having the capacity to be a high-level thinker and performer, and excelling in areas that are truly important to you."

~Chloé Taylor Brown

A $700 Value For $479

This is an amazing Mini PEP Coaching deal. Your fee of $479 includes the PEP questionnaire assessment (taken on line), an interactive color PEP graph to review online and/or a PDF image of your PEP, a one-hour personal debrief with a PEP Coach Practitioner via What'sApp, Phone or Zoom Video, one 30-minute follow up coaching session, an E-book explaining your 12 most important abilities and your levels of excellence, and two follow up accountability e-mails to help you get out of your head and into your ideal life. Use your computer, laptop or any smart devise to Get Your PEP ON!


The purpose of The PEP is to give you a good honest look at yourself:

· Where you are now;

· What you want, now and in the future;

· What abilities are working for you and/or against you;

· And the next step(s) you can choose to enhance where you are now for accomplishing your wants.


If you're like most of us and you're ready to "Do" better in life then understand this... you've got to "Be" better first... and here's a true, bona-fide, results oriented place to start. Take The Personal Excellence Profile assessment, The PEP! 

The PEP is an innovative, professional assessment tool to discover your authentic potential, to find out where you are now-in life and work, and why. It's about your 12 most important "life" abilities and how to work them. It also includes understanding your mindset and why you're getting certain outcomes and results. 

Most importantly, by taking the PEP assessment you will discover how to shift in areas that are truly important to you, and how to get in alignment to enjoy yourself and life. In addition, the PEP and  Life Up With Chloe Coaching demonstrates how to up-level to get you where you want to be and go. Take the PEP now and discover the techniques to set yourself up to be a winner and to win more consistently, with "real" innovative processes and an "individualized" blueprint to follow. Start feeling optimistic, eager, having more fun, accomplishing your goals faster and seeing the results you really want. 

If this sounds interesting and just what you want now then keep reading  and scrolling to Life Up! 

PEP is your energy, your excellence and your personal power... It's the Personal Excellence Profile® assessment and how it helps individuals and people within Fortune 50 to 500 organizations. It's about you and how to be in alignment with YOU. It's about you updating yourself to be more you, accomplish more and to be a more dynamic team member and leader.

When you update yourself, pep up your spirit, change your mind and get in alignment with your inner-self  you "can" live your best life and you can live it by your own design. 

Personally and professionally, if you are willing to take a real look inside of yourself, if you are willing to do the work required (by the way, this work is fun and rewarding with daily results and wins) to be your real, true, genuine self then here’s to a new updated, more meaningful beginning for 2019 and beyond.