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Thanks for stopping by my virtual home. Please linger a while and come back often. I'm the creator of the LifeUp Coaching System and Co-Creator of the Personal Excellence Profile - The PEP. My team and I focus on helping our clients unlock their excellence by educing and drawing out their authenticity, elevating their personal excellence and by demonstrating how to self-actualize by going from thinking to doing to being... It's self-mastery. We do this for individuals, groups, corporations and organizations, and we do it exceptionally well. We are eagerly optimistic about everything 2020 has to offer each of us. It is truly an exciting time! Read our blog, find out about our services, events and why we believe being content, in alignment, on purpose, authentic and intentional about life, especially your life is inspiring, empowering, naturally youthful-the elixir of life...and the fountain of youth. Discover why Marvin Ellison, current CEO of LOWE'S Home Improvement said, "Your work is unconventional and beyond miraculous' after a team of his High-Potential employees and high-level executives went through the PEP and LifeUp Self-Mastery Coaching System.

We are professionals and experts in Life Coaching, Executive Coaching and Professional Presence and Personal Branding. We help clients gain clarity in who they are, to determine their "ideal" and define their goals to accomplish now. We help clients and individuals like you by providing an innovative, leading-edge, personal super coaching blueprint that gives you the energy and focus to think, feel and act in a way that helps you produce and attract what you have envisioned. LifeUp Coaching gives you more certainty and "how-to" power to accomplish your objectives. We offer our services, products and experiences to corporate and executive coaching, lifestyle strategy sessions, professional presence training and coaching, and through our online programs.

Read our blog posts, watch our videos and listen to the audios, and most importantly, because LifeUP is truly about being a resource, a game-changer and champion for women and girls around the world, we provide relevant, up to date content that's valuable and applicable. Engage us by letting us know what you like best, what you believe could be better, and what you want more of. Give us feedback and ask questions. We love great questions. LifeUp With Chloé is for any woman, personally, professionally and spiritually who is ready to be her best "whole" self now. It is for the woman who is ready to design her best life and step into it with grace, confidence and certainty. It is for the woman who is ready to enter the workforce or start her own business. Remember that "Lifestyle" and "Work" is not about work-life-balance, that's fictitious. An enjoyable lifestyle is about blending home, family, career, work, philanthropy, and all that sincerely matters to each woman into a fun "whole-life" way that brings alignment, contentment, peace, flow, purpose, harmony and great success.

Chloé Taylor Brown

President & CEO

Chloé Taylor Brown Enterprises


It's About Professional Presence, Being Alluring and Holding Your Position. 


Brenda Taylor-Lewis

When it comes to style, professional presence, image, fashion and personal brand I have worked with Chloé for nearly twenty years and more recently as the creator and owner of Ragz 2 Richez. Chloé and I usually start in a woman's closet by doing a "closet audit" discovering what works, what can work and what doesn't work. From fittings to alterations, shopping and design... we've got you covered. Regarding making your home or office fabulous for special events, holidays and any days, we've got you covered there too, from start to finish new or from Ragz 2 Richez, you will love the results.


Ragz 2 Richez

It's about lifestyle and style... personal, at home and at work. It's about transforming people, spaces and places through personal shopping, styling, alterations, as well as office and home decor.



Getting Ready Chloé-Style Boutique Book Tour

The Getting Ready Chloé-Style Boutique Book Tour is an energetic, fun event about "Perfecting Your Authentic Image" and the relationship between body image, self-esteem and fashion. Women love it! We connect, network, sip, eat, become more self-aware, shop for a cause, bring more customers, visibility and dollars to your boutique. 



Corporate & Executive Professional Presence

  • Do  you have professional presence?
  • Is your brand, identity, image or persona dynamic and sustainable?
  • What does your appearance, manners, body language, and communication style say about you?
  • Can you hold a positive, powerful and empowering position?

All Of Us At Life Up Are Willing And Able To Help You Achieve Success

“The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.” 

~Iyanla Vanzant