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"Two years later I was on my way to Milan, Italy..."

Hello, I’m Chloé. I’m generally an optimistic, energetic, fun person who sees the best in most people. I’m creative and inquisitive and genuinely enjoy laughing out loud. I’ve been told I’m an “inspiring” and “encouraging” woman. I like that because I believe these qualities fit right in with my purpose, work, and my big life game.

I’m shaped by my Mississippi roots and the women who loved me; three indomitable great-grandmothers, an endearing grandmother, a determined mommy, and a “sheroic” aunt. Some of my innate qualities, like encouraging others, loving the spirit of play, creativity, and my birth order (I’m the third of eight children with three younger sisters), have also shaped me and this is where mentoring and the seeds of the Girl-Swag curriculum began to germinate. After studying fashion merchandising and design at Mississippi State University I traveled to San Francisco, completed my college internship as an assistant manager of a small retail boutique and within months started my first dream job and career as a model. Two years later I was on my way to Milan, Italy to become a “real” international model.

Providing real life, real time transformational processes and life direction for younger women; those in college, post high school graduates and middle-school tweens through the Girl-Swag curriculum, projects, and after school programs has always been one of my favorite things.


"It's about being authentic, aware, intentional and successful."

Today, as an author, a personal excellence facilitator, executive life coach and mentor, I’ve incorporated many of my professional skills, knowledge, innate abilities and talents, international life experiences, and my eye for image, style and fashion into working with and coaching high-level corporate executives and their teams, entrepreneurs, and professional women to be more authentic, aware, intentional and successful. 

My books include three self-help books and a new evocative memoirI Can Laugh Again: From the Valley of Grief to a Glimpse of Heaven. In addition, I wrote and created Girl-Swag: A Global Girl’s Curriculum for Personal Development & Lifestyle Enhancement.

My books are available at Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

My books are available at Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

"A personal step-by-step blueprint for measurable and sustainable growth, success and expansion."

I wear several hats when it comes to personal growth, self-mastery and transformation and believe “It all starts with our thoughts, our energy and our excellence,” which I call PEP! In fact, I co-created the phenomenal #LIFEUP System and the Personal Excellence Profile - The PEP assessment, my signature profiling tool used to measure personal excellence levels and to provide clients, teams and organizations with a comprehensive 360 survey, assessment, and a debrief that elevates self-awareness and personal performance. Clients also receive a personal step-by-step blueprint to help them follow-through for measurable and sustainable growth, success and expansion.

This dynamic personal development training and first class one-on-one coaching gets clients “out of their head and into their life” within record speed, adding tremendous energy and power to the whole person or the whole team.


"Learn to tap into your authentic potential and "power-up" at work."

My team of certified PEP Coach Practitioners and I engage managers, executives and leaders from Fortune 50 to 500 corporations. We’ve also worked with international organizations such as The Home Depot, The AVON Corporation, Hewlett Packard, G.E. Money, PriceWaterhouse Coopers and others. Likewise, we expertly guide and support small business owners and their team(s), and those in transition with individualized one-on-one and/or small group coaching that helps clients tap into their own authentic potential to “power-up” their daily life, career, and their business by creating and following through on a personally developed blueprint that if followed, leads to higher levels of excellence and growth.


"Want an inspiring and compelling keynote speaker?"

My keynotes and presentations are inspiring, encouraging, empowering, relatable and most importantly, applicable. They make listeners and participants want to “do something” to better themselves, their team, family or community. My keynotes can be crafted for small and large groups alike. 

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore, Dream, Discover.
~Mark Twain


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