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Hello, I'm Chloé Taylor Brown, author and creator of the Global Girl's Curriculum and Initiative called, Girl-Swag! Since 2002 this concept and program has inspired, empowered, motivated and compelled young women and girls around the world to reach for their highest ideals, embrace their authenticity, set goals and accomplish them as they start transforming into who they really are... and who they want to become. The curriculum workbook can be purchased at all major bookstores and online retailers. You may review the book on Amazon by clicking the red tab. In addition, you may get more information or complete details by scrolling down. 

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If you would like to support a group of girls or young women by sponsoring or hosting a "Life Up Girl's Empowerment Project" program, workshop or retreat, or purchase curriculum workbooks for a group or school you will be contributing to the self-empowerment of young women and girls.

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It's About The Empowerment Of Girls & Young women


What do you get when you take a group of middle school or teen girls, or young adult women from diverse backgrounds in one school or from one organization and help them transform and transcend? 

2. HOW

  •  By getting them to understand who they are and where their power comes from. 
  • By demonstrating how they can perfect their authenticity, stand in their highest excellence, and understand the truth of their being-ness in six weeks by following the Girl-Swag curriculum.

The Girl-Swag Project is a global initiative with a proven track record of success. It is a transformational training concept that is filled with strategies that has helped young women and girls get into action to create and live their best life now.


Perfection, and “good drama” as participants stretch, expand and transcend into confident, self-aware, knowledgeable, goal-oriented leaders of themselves and others!  

This Girl-Swag video is an excerpt of a 12-week girl's empowerment initiative lead by Chloe Taylor Brown and Christina Marie Foster, a Girl-Swag graduate herself. Each week the girls grew and expanded in a way that inspired fathers, motivated mothers and gave teachers a new perspective. This initiative is for middle school girls, teen girls and young adult females.



This is an eight-week initiative with six (6) weeks of intensive transformational coaching, mentoring, dynamic processing and active role playing led by Chloé Taylor Brown and one trained assistant. 

 Participants generally meet once or twice each week. Each participant will create their own new life set up session-by-session by working through their own “Girl-Swag” curriculum workbook, by interacting and collaborating with their teammates, and by taking their creations off the page and putting them into their daily life experiences between session time.

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 Chloé Taylor Brown  

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